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Cisco TelePresence Conductor
Cisco TelePresence Conductor simplifies multi-site videoconferencing. The technology makes it easy to connect, initiate and access visual communication through telepresence whether they are spontaneous, rendezvous (a personal conference with a unique conference ID), or scheduled, to improve teamwork and increase productivity.

Multi-site videoconferencing made simple and natural

Spontaneous conferencing allows a participant in a point-to-point call to simply and intuitively add new participants.

Cisco TelePresence Conductor allows for a user's conference preferences to be accessed using a unique ID and provides the capability for personalized rendezvous conferences.

Cisco TelePresence Conductor acts as a traffic director to help ensure intelligent conference placement through the knowledge of all of the conferencing components and their capabilities.

Cisco TelePresence Conductor offers:

  • A reliable, highly available conferencing solution
  • Support for industry-leading Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Units (MCUs), and Cisco TelePresence Server
  • Powerful, comprehensive administrator controls
  • Support for all standards-compliant endpoints

Cisco TelePresence technology helps to ensure an easy, intuitive conferencing experience for every user, every meeting, and every endpoint. It scales reliably from desktops to meeting rooms and from small businesses to the largest enterprises.

 For more information check out this short video.


As a single source for all TelePresence needs, CBCI Telecom has a full portfolio of services you can choose from. From Professional services to Video Managed Services, CBCI Telecom can support you every step of the way. The Video Managed Services include: Bridging Services, Gateway Services (IP-ISDN),  Firewall Traversal Services,  Desktop client service and Recording & Streaming Services