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Bridging Services
Communicating with anyone at anytime.

Connect multiple people at once over videoconferencing regardless of the system’s brands, the locations, or the type of solution used all on a cloud-based video solution. CBCI offers both, on-demand customer video bridging or complete video managed bridging solutions.

• On-Line Video Conference Reservation
• Site registration / Qualification
• Conference set-up
• Conference attendance
• On-Demand conferencing
• Monthly utilization reports

Leave it to CBCI qualified and skilled experts to remotely manage your video conferencing system environment and operations. Here are the solutions offered tailored for your needs in videoconferencing:

Hosting Solutions

Video Hosted Solutions
Video Managed Solutions
Hybrid Video Solutions

Core Managed Services

Gateway Services (IP-ISDN) - No more high monthly charges for ISDN lines. Taking care of your IP – ISDN calls.
Firewall Traversal Services - Calls outside your network are now easy and secure.
Desktop client service - Communicating from anywhere at anytime.
Recording & Streaming Services - Communicate your message now and distribute it as needed.
End-user Training - Practical and theoretical training allowing the end user to acquire the knowledge needed to operate to TelePresence and all related communication services. 
Online Reservation- Book your conference rooms online, through a secure login. Video conferencing reservations simplified. 
WebEx- Web meeting experience with a powerful feature set for productive and efficient meetings anytime, anywhere on any device.

 Want to learn more about Video Managed Services? Download our Why Managed Services ePaper.