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LibreStream Onsight Mobile Devices
Onsight provides experts the ability to see live video and share feedback with field staff, external suppliers or customers to assess operations or resolve issues immediately.

Onsight Mobile Devices (FieldView Devices)

Powered by the Onsight Mobile software, the Onsight mobile devices all feature wireless mobility, SIP-based call control, 2 way voice including speakerphone, high resolution streaming video, still image capture, recording, and on-screen drawing. 

The current Onsight mobility device models include:

Onsight 1000 – designed for indoor or light industrial settings
Onsight 2000R – rugged design for outdoor or harsh environments
Onsight 2000Ex – certified as explosion proof for potentially hazardous environments 

Features of the Onsight mobility devices include: 

  • Hand-held wireless mobility with integrated 802.11 b/g wireless networking
  • Real time, high quality video streaming to the Onsight Expert desktop
  • 2-way VOIP audio calls with options to use speakerphone and headset modes
  • 2-way onscreen drawing/telestration ability for full collaboration
  • Outstanding optical performance including 10x zoom and 1 cm (< ½ inch) macro zoom for superior quality close-ups
  • High resolution viewfinder with touch screen support
  • Bi-directional video recording and still image capture for record keeping
  • Advanced security, encryption and authentication features
  • Ability to make video / audio calls to SIP enabled video conferencing endpoints
  • Image sharing mode to manage low bandwidth network connections
  • Full collaboration with the companion Onsight Expert desktop application
  • For more information on the features or to find out which Onsight mobile device is best for your environment, contact us.