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Cisco TelePresence MOVI™
Experience the benefits of high definition video conferencing from anywhere, anytime. Movi works with your PC to provide crystal clear video communication from wherever you need to work — the airport, hotel, coffee shop or home office. Cisco TelePresence Movi integrates into the enterprise video conferencing network to keep you connected with your entire video community, no matter where you are.


  • Intuitive user interface with easy access to phonebooks and presence status
  • Select an application and share content and presentations with standards compliant devices on the far end
  • Interoperable with any standards based SIP endpoint and H.323 system — even Telepresence
  • Easy to deploy and manage Scalable to thousands of users


  • Extend the benefit of high definition PC video to all employees
  • Accelerate decisions, scale expertise and create a cohesive team environment
  • High definition video conferencing, anytime, anywhere


  • 720p resolution with 30 fps provides crystal clear image
  • PC video industry’s best audio performance (MPEG4 AAC-LD,G.722.1, G.711)
  • Industry leading, appliance grade adaptive echo cancellation
  • Optimizes network load through use of intelligent bandwidth distribution and dynamic bandwidth adaptation.


As a single source for all TelePresence needs, CBCI Telecom has a full portfolio of services you can choose from. From Professional services to Video Managed Services, CBCI Telecom can support you every step of the way. The Video Managed Services include: Bridging Services, Gateway Services (IP-ISDN),  Firewall Traversal Services,  Desktop client service and Recording & Streaming Services