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Telepresence Server
The Cisco (formerly TANDBERG) Telepresence Server is a pioneering solution that brings together telepresence, high-definition and standard endpoint users in the same conference. It preserves the full telepresence experience while connecting to a wide range of endpoints and delivering the best call experience for every participant.

The Cisco (formerly TANDBERG) Telepresence Server Solution is a pioneering technology that brings together telepresence, and standards-based, high-definition video conferencing users in the same conference.
You can future-proof your telepresence investment by interoperating with other vendor’s telepresence systems and video conferencing endpoints.

While connecting telepresence users to a wide range of endpoints and multivendor telepresence systems, the Telepresence Server Solution preserves the continuous telepresence experience, while ensuring that each participant has the best call their system can offer.

The Telepresence Server Solution comes in two types of form factors to offer customers flexibility for different needs.

  • The award winning, chassis-based MSE 8710 is renowned for its scalability, reliability, resiliency and manageability. The supervisor actively monitors and manages the group of blades together.
  • The appliance-based TS 7000 Series offers a compact, entry level solution with functionality equal to the MSE 8710.